plutonium is a DEC microVAX 3600, currently running the 4.3-tahoe release of Berkeley UNIX. Its primary duties are as a general login machine, an archive machine for old UNIX and VAX (and other DEC stuff) related source code, a cool machine to hack on (there's nothing like a VAX!) and a USENET news site. Sync'ed from the cclub's NNTP server, plutonium maintains a traditional directory-tree usenet newsfeed for 1488 newsgroups of mostly comp, sci, and alt interests. Articles on plutonium typically live much longer than on the news server, with an average expiration time of about three months. Plutonium is also known as, and is a general login machine for VAXpower users. For information or an account on plutonium send mail to
Plutonium has the following hardware in it: Qbus cardcage and power supply in a rackmounted BA23 enclosure KA650 processor two MS650-BA's for a total of 16MB of core DHV11 8 line serial mux DELQA ethernet interface TQK50 TK50 tape controller CMD CQD-220 MSCP Qbus SCSI adaptor two seagate elite-3 3GB disks one seagate elite-2 2GB disk