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From: Guest1/22/99 1:00 AM 
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Now that CompuServe is no more, is there anyone who knows where I can play the deluxe, 751-point version of Adventure?

some added features of the game were:

Leprechaun Rock, Altar, Crypt, Natural Bridge
Blue Grotto
Sword Point
Rotunda, Conservatory, Telephone Booth
Rainbow Room, Hall Of Ice, Green Lake Room
Bubble Chamber, Red Rock Crawl, Star Chamber
Bat Cave, Lost River Canyon (3 ends)

Added surface features:
Sandy Beach, Blackened Shoals, Ocean Vista,
Thunder Hole, Approach to River Styx
Wet Sands/Concrete Pavement, Quicksand
A storeroom inside the building

Lord's Keep, Aviary, Great Hall, Tiled Door
Kitchen w/dumbwaiter
Secret Garden

Mine Entrance, Mine and shaft, Control Room
Tight Tunnel
Cliff Ledge

it was much more in depth than the 350-point version (which I could only squeeze 345 pts. out of) and I'd really like to finish the game (still haven't found the centipede!)

If anyone knows where I can play it, just e-mail me at:



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From: Jonathan Ellis (JLE30303)1/22/99 3:54 PM 
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Another version I haven't heard of... I'd like to know where I can get it from as well - if anyone knows, please post up the address and mail me.



From: Richard Baker 1985 (FLTADMIRAL)1/23/99 8:17 AM 
To: Jonathan Ellis (JLE30303)  (3 of 13) 
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I remember playing it a few years back while on Compuserv. I too would love to play this again.



From: Janie (JANEJANEJANE)2/9/99 1:51 PM 
To: Guest  (4 of 13) 
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Now this one sounds like a lot of fun. Surely there must be some one with a link to it?

Hints on the 430 are always welcome here



From: Jonathan Ellis (JLE30303)12/20/99 9:20 AM 
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Come on... has *anybody* seen this version?

From: Mike Arnautov (MIKEARNAUTOV)12/20/99 1:15 PM 
To: Jonathan Ellis (JLE30303)  (6 of 13) 
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> Come on... has *anybody* seen this version?

It's LONG0751 on the Russell Dalenberg's Adventure Family Tree. Described as DEC Fortran extension of LONG0500 by David Long. (If you are not familiar with the chart, you can view it as http://www.mipmip.demon.co.uk/adv/advfamily.html)

Curiously enough, it doesn't seem to be in the IF archive, but it may be worth asking Russell whether he has a copy. Trouble is, I don't have his e-mail address handy.



From: Guest12/20/99 3:13 PM 
To: Mike Arnautov (MIKEARNAUTOV)  (7 of 13) 
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not in my collection but it sounds really fun, try doing an internet search of "adventure games" or "text-only games", something along those lines, i found a lot of different versions throughout the Wabbit doing that. I'll keep my eyes and ears open for it

peace is the word,
email: macthegreat@hotmail.com

PS does anyone have any hints on the 1000 point version????



From: Gamedesigner12/26/99 1:20 PM 
To: Guest  (8 of 13) 
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I just uploaded the solution to Humungous Cave which the 1000 point Dave Malmberg version of Adventure to:


It will be moved to if-archive/solutions in the future. I can mail you a set of pophints if you are running this under DOS which you most assuredly are.

e-mail me at gamedesigner@dgware.com if you want to chat.



From: Jonathan Ellis (JLE30303)1/22/04 2:15 PM 
To: Mike Arnautov (MIKEARNAUTOV)  (9 of 13) 
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Okay, so are we any closer to discovering the long-lost Adventure 751?

From: Mike Arnautov (MIKEARNAUTOV)1/22/04 3:32 PM 
To: Jonathan Ellis (JLE30303)  (10 of 13) 
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Not to my knowledge. I do have a part of another lost variant (from Norway) but (a) it is aonly a paper printout, (b) consists of only messages and object/location descriptions and (c) gives no indication of the maximal score.



From: Jonathan Ellis (JLE30303)1/27/04 9:18 PM 
To: Mike Arnautov (MIKEARNAUTOV)  (11 of 13) 
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To judge by some of the features, Adventure 751 looks like it was an expansion of the 551-point version.

From: Mike Arnautov (MIKEARNAUTOV)1/29/04 3:17 PM 
To: Jonathan Ellis (JLE30303)  (12 of 13) 
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> To judge by some of the features, Adventure 751 looks like
> it was an expansion of the 551-point version.

Not according to Russell's family tree. It shows both to be separate offshoots of David Long's 500 pt version.



From: Jonathan Ellis (JLE30303)1/29/04 5:02 PM 
To: Mike Arnautov (MIKEARNAUTOV)  (13 of 13) 
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...or unless the Family Tree got it wrong.

I've tried Adventure 551, and it most certainly contained some of the new areas that are named in the first post of this thread, including the Sandy Beach, Ocean View, Thunder Hole.

(Of course, these were probably in Long's initial 500-point version, hence appearing in subsequent versions that descended from it.)

Rick Adams's site appears to believe that the 501-point version - on your site, "ANON0501" - is in fact itself a David Long creation. Also, that Adventure 551 - "MCDO0551" on your family tree - is *also*, either wholly or partially, a David Long creation, and that McDowell was merely the person who ported it to compile with f77 or f2c, and released DOS and Amiga versions as well as the Fortran source code.

If this is true - and how he knows it, I do not know, you'd better ask him - then this might imply that Russell Dalenberg got a few things wrong in his family tree, or did not have access to certain knowledge that Rick Adams managed to find, and was (like all good historians) guessing to fill up the gaps.

In particular, if David Long produced a 500-point version (as the Family Tree suggests) *and* the 501-point version (as Rick Adams's research seems to suggest), the chances would seem pretty high that they are one and the same except for one of them containing the "Last Lousy Point" of the original game, and the other not containing it. (Thinking logically: perhaps he had not fully solved the original game when doing the 500-point version that got copied into the wider world, and put the Last Point in to bring the total to 501 when he finally found it.)

And if he was involved with the 551-point version too, as Rick Adams seems to suggest, then it would seem logical that the 751-point version descends pretty much from it. So really, if Rick Adams is correct, ANON0501 should be LONG0501 (essentially the same as LONG0500, or a descendant of it), and MCDO0551 should really be LONG0551, with the four versions descending in sequence rather than all being separate offshoots (and so the branch would be at the 551-level, with Long's 751-point version on one branch and Picton's more recent 701-point merger of 551 and 550 on the other.)


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