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All the original source code, images, and documentation on this website are free. By "original," I mean anything I wrote myself. If it's not clearly marked as being written by someone else, it's probably original (and if it's neither original nor attributed properly, please do drop me a line).

Now, what do I mean by saying this stuff is "free"? I mean that

This means: I wrote the stuff I wrote, and you didn't. But you can use it, because it's free. You can even use it in commercial products that you're going to sell and/or hide; this is not the GNU GPL. But I do ask (even though I shouldn't need to) that you don't plagiarize my code. Attribute it properly; whether this means getting my explicit permission and putting me as a co-author on your project or just sticking a comment in the source such as

/* This code copyright Arthur O'Dwyer 2005. Freeware */
is up to you. Be honest and be reasonable.

Finally, please note and remember that this "license" I've just elaborated applies only to the original material here, and does not apply to other people's material on this site. Notably, the alt.comp.lang.learn.c-c++ FAQ is not mine (although it seems to be freely distributable). And when things are marked as "public domain," then that means exactly what it sounds like: I don't even claim copyright on those things.

This page was last updated    28 March 2007
All original code, images and documentation on this page are freely distributable. Please keep them that way.