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Arthur J. O'Dwyer

Arthur J. O'Dwyer

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What I Do

I'm currently working on DNS server code at Akamai.
Before that, I was one of the first few systems engineers at Mixpanel, where I wrangled terabytes of data and generally kept things running smoothly.
Before that, I worked for MemSQL, making the world's fastest distributed SQL database.
Before that, I worked for Green Hills Software, making the world's most optimizing C compiler.
Examine my résumé [PDF, 71K] for more details. [TeX source]

My hobbies include:

These days, whenever I do something big as a hobby project, I try to put it up on GitHub. So that's a good place to look at what I've been doing lately. Most recently, I ported several versions of the classic Fortran game "Adventure" to the Z-machine.

I'm looking for one particular lost version of "Adventure"; if you see it, please contact me!

Contact Me

Email: arthur.j.odwyer at gmail.com
BoardGameGeek: Quuxplusone

Free Things

Here is where I store some stuff that is free. If you like something that you see here, please feel free to take it and make it yours. But still free. Thanks.

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Other Things

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